The Gismondi Center for Media Arts was established in 2017 at Uniontown Area High School located in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The center was made possible by a generous donation from 1971 graduate Mr. John Gismondi.  Mr. Gismondi and his three siblings attended UHS.  He studied at the University of Pittsburgh and graduated from the School of Law.  He established a private practice, Gismondi & Associates, in 1987.  The Gismondi Family Foundation was established for charitable donations to organizations in and around their hometown.

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Mary Wallace – Education Technology Coordinator

Courtney Baker – Media Center Specialist, Scholarships & Senior Career Projects

Tammy Marzano – Media Center Instructor, UHS Online Newspaper

News article on opening of Media Center

Herald Standard – Uniontown Area High School Unveils New Audiovisual Production Lab

The first broadcast of UHS news from the Gismondi Center for Media Arts was streamed to YouTube on the first day of school on August 28, 2017.  The first week of newscasts reached 970 views and all can be watched on demand.  Students who were part of the news team came a week prior to the start of the school year to practice and do a test run of the new equipment.

The first off-site production using the new camcorders and microphones was on the 4th day of the new school year on August 31, 2017.  The Raider Production student team interviewed Mr. John Gismondi, the benefactor of the new media center.  The footage was shot in five locations: the Gismondi family home, Bailey park, front steps of Uniontown High School, A.J. Everhart, Jr. Memorial Gymnasium, and the newly expanded media center.

UHS teachers experienced the new media center for the first time and used their creativity to create commercials for their subject areas.

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