Student Interns

The media center student internship provides an innovative and dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to learn in a self-directed and collaborative manner. Requirements Successful completion of Video & Audio Production course Using the Protools software to create and import tracks, convert formats, use voice modulations, clip, duplicate, delete, and… Continue reading

Job Descriptions

Producer – Organizes the crew, assigns jobs, over-sees whole production, keeps everyone on task, helps make decisions, and solves problems. Director – Calls the camera shots to the Technical Director.  The creative leader, the one with the vision. Calls Action/Cut and directs the actors. Technical Director – Operates the video… Continue reading

Produce a Video

Every form of video production has 3 phases. The tasks within each phase may very slightly depending what type of video project it is but they all have 3 distinct parts. Those parts are,  Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. Each phase also offers an opportunity for student assessment. PRE-PRODUCTION: This… Continue reading

Lighting for Video

This traditional method uses three lights on a subject: Key Light: the main source of light, usually the brightest. Fill Light: a dimmer (less intense) light used to “fill” in shadows caused by the key light, and prevent the shadow side of the subject from going completely dark. Back (or Top)… Continue reading