Daily Announcements with Mevo Live Event Camera

Mevo Camera

  • Power on two power strips to turn on studio lights.
  • Power on Mevo camera by pushing and holding button on top for a few seconds.  Look for green/blue lights.
  • Power on Mevo Boost by pushing and holding button on back.  Four lights should illuminate.
  • Lift back flap and make sure both lights are lit above the Ethernet cable.

iPad #2 (Use #1 for Announcement Script)

  • Open the Mevo App
  • Configure iPad
  • Settings, WiFi, My Networks, Mevo-44081
  • Back in Mevo App click Connect
  • Touch screen to select camera angle, pinch and drag to resize box
  • Click Red button in bottom left corner
  • Select YouTube +arrow icon
  • Select +New Event
  • Title: ##-##-## News
  • Privacy: Private
  • Scheduled Time: Choose closest next time
  • Go Live


  • Click view in Live Control Room Icon ((*)) to the right of the event name
  • Select No, for Kids and Save
  • Go Live
  • End Stream
  • Schedule as public, choose next school day at 7:00 am

If you see Error-encoder sending data faster you can ignore.

Power down the MEVO and the Boost, you have to hold button in for several seconds.

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