How to Setup a Microphone

The most important thing in order have a good microphone recording is the volume (make sure to check the volume with the pop filter(s) on). It can be quite hard to get  a proper recording. If your microphone volume is too high you will hear a lot of fuzz/ambient noise but if it is too low nothing will be heard and there is a very small sweet spot that will allow you to be heard on the recording without hearing a lot of ambient noise and if its too quiet you can turn it up a little in your DAW.

If you find yourself in a scenario where you cant be heard without hearing a lot of ambient noise your best option would be to record it where you can be heard and then try to filter out the ambient noise with either a Noise Gate or by filtering out the bottom end in the EQ.

Other than finding the right volume getting a good microphone recording is quite easy all you need to do is turn on phantom power so the mic gets enough power, create a vocal track, select your filter or presets if you want any and click record.

For some tips and tricks on setting up a good microphone recording you can also watch this in-depth video.

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