Job Descriptions

Producer – Organizes the crew, assigns jobs, over-sees whole production, keeps everyone on task, helps make decisions, and solves problems.
Director – Calls the camera shots to the Technical Director. ┬áThe creative leader, the one with the vision. Calls Action/Cut and directs the actors.
Technical Director – Operates the video switcher. Listens to the Director.

Camera People – At least 2 – to help set up shots, monitor lighting and sound.
Audio Engineer – Operates the audio mixer. Balances all audio levels as they happen.
Computer Graphics – Designs and displays the graphics for the show.
Video Playback – Plays the Pledge, Show Open and any other special videos in the show.
Digital Recorder – Records the show.
Teleprompter Operator – Operates the teleprompter during the show.

Anchors – write the script for the next day and give it to the teleprompter operator.
Weather Person – Looks up current and future weather conditions writes script, gets appropriate graphics to the CG operator.
Sportscaster – looks up school sports news, game times, game results and writes their script.
Production Assistant – Helps the crew anyway needed or fills in for someone when they are absent, help with lighting, hold┬áslate board with the take numbers, cleans up the set.
Grip – Help move lights or set pieces as needed.
Audio 2 – Helps the audio engineer with mics / testing sound, etc.
Utility – Helps camera people with camera cables if they have moves during the show.

Makeup – Responsible for wardrobe and makeup
Script Supervisor – Keeps track of the script, the shots, continuity and notes for Post.
Production Designer – The LOOK of the shots / set / props, etc.

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