Job Descriptions

Producer – Organizes the crew, assigns jobs, over-sees whole production, keeps everyone on task, helps make decisions, and solves problems.
Director РCalls the camera shots to the Technical Director.  The creative leader, the one with the vision. Calls Action/Cut and directs the actors.
Technical Director – Operates the video switcher. Listens to the Director.

Camera People – At least 2 – to help set up shots, monitor lighting and sound.
Audio Engineer – Operates the audio mixer. Balances all audio levels as they happen.
Computer Graphics – Designs and displays the graphics for the show.
Video Playback – Plays the Pledge, Show Open and any other special videos in the show.
Digital Recorder – Records the show.
Teleprompter Operator – Operates the teleprompter during the show.

Anchors – write the script for the next day and give it to the teleprompter operator.
Weather Person – Looks up current and future weather conditions writes script, gets appropriate graphics to the CG operator.
Sportscaster – looks up school sports news, game times, game results and writes their script.
Production Assistant РHelps the crew anyway needed or fills in for someone when they are absent, help with lighting, hold slate board with the take numbers, cleans up the set.
Grip – Help move lights or set pieces as needed.
Audio 2 – Helps the audio engineer with mics / testing sound, etc.
Utility – Helps camera people with camera cables if they have moves during the show.

Makeup – Responsible for wardrobe and makeup
Script Supervisor – Keeps track of the script, the shots, continuity and notes for Post.
Production Designer – The LOOK of the shots / set / props, etc.

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