Daily Announcements Step-by-Step

SCRIPT – Anchors

  • Check email from teachers for announcements
  • Use Teleprompter app on iPad to write script, check sports schedule and add good luck lines
  • Place iPad on camera stand and check battery life
  • LIGHTS – Turn on red switch on the two power strips located on the floor, turn OFF overhead lights above news table on wall switch
  • CAMERA – Plug new battery into cameras from chargers and turn power switch above to left
  • ACTION – Sync Teleprompter with remote control
  • Don’t swivel in your chair or rock head up and down with teleprompter

BROADCAST – Producer

  • Login to TriCaster
  • Select Video Production Event
  • Click Start Live Production
  • Click Gear icon by Stream button
  • Select Raider Tomahawk Talk Live
  • Click OK to close browser, must be closed for stream to work!
  • Import new graphics
  • Reorder graphics as anchors practice reading script
  • Audio Mute for intro and unmute for news anchors
  • Click Stream and it will turn blue

STREAM – Director

  • Login: Media Center  Password: Raider2017
  • If WIFI disconnects, select LABS
  • Open Tomahawk Talk You Tube Channel
  • Click Live Streaming from left column
  • Choose Events
  • Click New Live Event in right corner
  • Add title (tomorrow’s date ##-##-19 & News)
  • Select date for tomorrow and time 7:00 AM
  • Choose Private
  • Make sure Custom button is chosen
  • Click Advanced Settings tab and deselect Enable Live Chat
  • Click Create Event
  • Ingestion Settings, Reusable stream key, select Stream Raider Productions 2018
  • Choose Save
  • Click Live Control Room tab
  • Click blue Preview button then click OK
  • Wait for the YouTube preview, few second delay,  you may need to refresh browser
  • Click preview PLAY button in window below
  • Announce QUIET ON THE SET
  • Click Start Streaming then click OK
  • Listen with headphones to make sure audio is loud enough
  • Newscast must be under 8 minutes to run during homeroom from 7:40-7:48.  Check length is under this.
  • Click Stop Streaming once finished
  • Change setting from Private to Schedule and choose the next school day date and 7:00 am
  • Add to Playlist Daily Announcements


  • Quiet on the set.
  • Silence all cell phones.
  • Keep going if there is a small mistake, call CUT and stop if big mistake is made.
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