PIAA Drone Policy

The PIAA’s 2016-2017 Policies and Procedures Handbook defines a drone as any unmanned aerial device. The PIAA does not permit drones above the competition surface or spectator areas during interscholastic contests, practices, and/or scrimmages and drones may not be used to scout opposing team practices. The PIAA’s policies and procedures may be updated in the future and any updates will also be enforced by the District. Individuals or schools violating PIAA guidelines regarding drones shall be subject to sanctions. Drone use will not be permitted during such uses shall not be permitted during interscholastic contests, practices, and/or scrimmages. Drone use will never be used to scout opposing teams.

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  1. Are you allowed to use a drone to film as long as it is not DIRECTLY above any part of the playing field and or spectators ?

    If we would place our drone on a endline not above any part of the playing surface, is that ok?

    • Drone flight is not permitted near the field when game is in play. We are only permitted to fly drone in end zone during pregame.

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