Premiere Pro Beginner Tutorials

  1. Get to know the Premiere Pro interface
  2. Start your video editing project
  3. Learn five editing basics
  4. Edit DSLR video  (Practice files on S: drive)
  5. Quickly make expert color adjustments
  6. Create title graphics
  7. Try basic video editing techniques (Practice files on S: drive)
  8. Create smoother slow-motion effects (Practice files on S: drive)
  9. Enhance your project with video effects  (Practice files on S: drive)
  10. Export video in virtually any media format
  11. Get started with audio mixing
  12. Repair and restore audio
  13. Remove instrumentals or vocals Audition (Practice files on S: drive)
  14. Record and edit music (Practice files on S: drive)
  15. Edit a music video (Practice files on S: drive)
  16. Work seamlessly with After Effects
  17. Make a travel video with Premiere Clip
  18. Sell your video content on Adobe Stock
  19. Demo reel best practices

Sample files to practice with have been downloaded to V:\4 Video Production Tutorial Files

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