Student Interns

The media center student internship provides an innovative and dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to learn in a self-directed and collaborative manner.


  • Successful completion of Video & Audio Production course
  • Using the Protools software to create and import tracks, convert formats, use voice modulations, clip, duplicate, delete, and export finalized tracks.
  • Using the Tricaster system to create video clips for personal use or to help a classroom teacher with a project. Students will be able to export digital media onto the server and import into the Tricaster software.
  • Ability to use Adobe Premiere to edit video, Photoshop to edit images, and Illustrator to create raster and vector images.
  • Ability to use video capturing devices to document special events, assemblies, and sporting events.
  • Ability to research, identify, and present applications that will enhance the learning experience of high school aged students.
  • Ability to organize, manage, and execute projects in a specific timeline.


  • Students will be evaluated weekly on the progress of both group and individual projects. Students will also self-evaluate and reflect on their own work weekly.


  • Students will be given the opportunity to work at their own pace and success will require a self-motivated approach to learning.
  • Students must be flexible and be able to troubleshoot issues regarding technology with staff members and with the student body.
  • Setting up hardware such as smart boards, projectors, cameras, speakers, etc. for assemblies and special events.
  • Creating and maintaining media center blog website.
  • Complete a project to turn into a competition.
  • Participate in bi-monthly share-out sessions to introduce new and inspiring media ideas to enhance student learning.
  • Monthly Group and Individual projects to be determined by the needs of the high school and the students.

The Media Center supports the PBIS framework and expect everyone to ‘BE BRAVE!’
B-BE SAFE (Listen to staff. Maintain personal space.)
R-RESPECT OTHERS (Be on time. Be polite. Use appropriate language and tone.)
A-ACCOUNTABLE (Be prepared. Be honest. Do your own work. Use electronic devices only when permitted)
V-VICTORIOUS (Do your best work. Celebrate academic success.)
E-ENTHUSIASTIC (Have a positive attitude. Take ownership of learning.)

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